Check out my latest TV interview talking about my acting career, Flying High With Charlie hitting 250,000 views and advice for new performers!

Thank you to NYU Local and Ali Golub for interviewing me about my acting career, new media & LGBT comedy!! 

For the February 27th, 2017 issue of Backstage Magazine, I was featured in the #IGotCast section for Flying High With Charlie

GayTalk 2.0, a very funny and entertaining LGBT podcast, interviewed me about OutliciousTV and Flying High With Charlie!

The LGBT Podcast, Naked and Inside Out, interviewed me, Brian Pelletier and Matty Frazier about OutliciousTV and Flying High With Charlie!! We talk about the series, LGBT media, LGBT representation and more!

Broadway World published another article about my Commedia dell'arte troupe, detailing our upcoming performances of A History of Servitude at The PIT NYC starting February 2017! Check out The Department of Fools!

I had the great opportunity of submitting an interview with the online LGBTQ site, Our Queer Art! Thank you for sharing so many amazing LGBTQ stories!

Rodlyn-mae Banting, a fellow EHS alum, wrote an amazing article about the newest Halloween-themed episode of Flying High With Charlie!

Thank you Indie Series Network for promoting and sharing the Halloween-themed episode of Flying High With Charlie!

Amazingly detailed interview with the online publication, Indie Activity! Happy to share my experiences throughout my career so far! 

Thank you to Broadway World for publishing information about my Commedia dell'arte troupe's brand new Fringe 2016 show: A History of Servitude! Check out The Department of Fools!

After starting a brand new comedy channel in summer 2015, Peter Kramer of Lohud interviewed me and my fellow co-creators! It was an amazing article that generated a lot of views for our first sketch, "Coming Out"!